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How to transfer the contents of your home to Israel

Your relocation period is over and now you need to go back home to Israel. The problem is, where do you begin? How do you deal with all the items you’ve taken with you abroad? Fortunately, there are many ways to safely move your furniture and belongings these days. Here are some of the more common ones typically offered. 


Main Challenges

Transferring your contents to another country is quite a logistical challenge. Several important factors need to be considered during the process. These include the number of items you need to transfer, their total weight, how far you intend to transport them, the cost of the whole ordeal, and many more.


Using Sea Freight

Sea freight is probably the most common method of transporting your items overseas when Moving to Israel from USA. Israel’s access to the Mediterranean Sea makes the process relatively cheap and convenient.

There are two main options for freight shipping: Full Container Load (FCL) or Less than Container Load (LCL). FCL means using an entire container for your items, whereas LCL means sharing a container with others. Choosing between them eventually depends on how many items you need to move.


Via Air Freight

Another option for content shipping is through the air. Its main advantage is its mostly guaranteed express delivery, usually encountering few delays. If you’re on a tight schedule and need your items quickly, this is the ideal option for you. The main drawbacks are the price demands and the weight limit imposed by the companies.


Through Land Freight

Shipping using truck or your freight trailers is not the most ideal option, but it is possible. Naturally, moving your items to Israel will require a hybrid route including sea or air freight as well. It is still however a cost – effective way of safely moving content. 


Hiring Specialized Companies

The above mentioned means for moving your contents can be arranged on your own, but it is not ideal. Experience in the field is very beneficial for the process to be done quickly and efficiently without delays. There are many Relocation Consulting companies that offer their services to ensure everything goes smoothly.



There are many ways to handle the transfer of your house contents overseas and each offers its own advantages. However, hiring a specialized company to do it for you is a much more convenient and time saving option.


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