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Where can I find a U.S notary in Israel?

Rachel Schachar american notary in israel, provides a variety of legal and notarial services for clients. Document signing and authorization are a necessary part of our legal lives – but unfortunately, the regulations associated with notarized documents in the U.S complicate matters for those abroad.

Therefore, consulting highly experienced lawyers with a wealth of knowledge about notarizing is an essential way of shortening and simplifying the process.


How do you usually get American documents notarized?

In the USA itself, the process is simple – one finds a registered notary with a right to practice in the relevant state. However, outside of the USA, the options become more limited. Notaries are not permitted to work outside of the bounds of the state they are qualified to work in.

The first choice is to use the services of the notary in the American Embassy. Unfortunately, the wait times at the Embassy are known to be long and getting an appointment can be difficult. Because the documents that need signing are so often time-sensitive, this option is sometimes not relevant or helpful.

The other option is flying to the U.S and having the document signed notarized in the relevant state in person – a process that is often inefficient and costly, if it is even possible.


So, where can I find an American notary in Israel?

As illustrated above, a notary cannot practice outside their area of jurisdiction. It is therefore not possible to consult with an American notary in Israel. However, thanks to an alternative system, you can overcome a lot of bother and difficulty and have your documents notarized in time.


The alternative system

Therefore, an efficient system exists in place: a person can visit an Israeli notary to have their documents signed, and they can then  authorize the document with an apostille. With Rachel Schachar, the authorization process is taken care of by the local notary.

This is done in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, who also regulates the prices for these services. Unlike notarizing through the Embassy, this process is quick, and can be fully finished in just a few hours.

Unlike in the U.S, notaries in Israel are required to be qualified lawyers with ten years’ experience. Alongside this, they must undertake a course with the Ministry of Justice. With extensive experience and several conveniently-placed offices around Israel, Rachel Schachar will provide a smooth and simplified experience.

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