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Are mobile proxies better?

Say you created a bot, to do a very important task. You guide it to go all around the web to collect data, but oh no – it gets blocked out. What to do? With a mobile proxy, you can enable all your automation tools to do whatever you need, securely and effectively. Let’s see what they are and how to choose one wisely. 


What is a mobile proxy?

A mobile proxy is a type of proxy, that utilizes a mobile IP. A good mobile proxy will use a real user’s IP, so that it can imitate an actual user and allow your bot to scatter the web as much as it needs, without being clocked out by security checks.

mobile proxies

When will I need one?

There are many cases in which you should consider using a mobile proxy. Here are some of them:


Data Extraction

You need to monitor your product’s statistics. That means entering hundreds of websites and conducting data extraction from tons of places, quickly, easily, and automatically. To do so, you need to be able to operate a bot, without it being blocked. By imitating a real user, your bot could continue doing its’ job and you won’t have to worry about it.


Quality Assurance (QA)

You have wonderful new international clients, and you need to make sure product adjustments are made for their specific time and location. Using a mobile proxy, you can make sure everything is up to date no matter where in the world, automatically, without being blocked out.

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24 Hour Activity

Want your social media platforms to continue being active, gaining more exposure, expanding your following base and promoting your business? Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have anti-bot activity checks, and your bot might be blocked while working. Using a mobile proxy, the bot will be seen as a real user and can continue your automation use.


Making the right choice

In your business, there’s no place for mistakes and mishaps. You need your systems to work flawlessly and run uninterrupted. Choosing a reliable source to get your 5G and 4G mobile proxies from can give you the peace of mind everything works great.


In conclusion

Mobile proxies are the best solution for your bot issues. They can provide you with a safe and secure connection, to browse the web for all the information you need to run your business and allow you to collect data in an uninterrupted way.

mobile proxies

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