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5 cool games for kids

Kids can be quite picky when it comes to entertainment. They have a short attention span and become quite bored with their current activity rather quickly. Parents might find it a little hard at times to keep their kids busy with something that isn’t their phone or computer. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun games to from to play with them. Here are 5 of them. 


Ball Games

Ball games are some of the most popular games available out there, and they have become an integral part of people’s lives. Games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and many more are great ways to entertain your kids healthily. They also encourage team play and cooperation by their participants, instilling good values.

5 cool games for kids

Box Activities

Box activities have become quite popular in recent years. They include an entire activity all in a single package, often coming with fun and interesting toys and objects. In Genesi Box for example, a family can get a glimpse of Israeli culture and society through souvenirs and informative films. These are great ways to spend time with one’s kids.

Board Games

Alongside ball games, board games are an ancient, universally accessible type of game recreational activity. In recent decades, they have become oriented mostly toward kids, with various toys and interactable objects included in the package. These games are extremely varied and often include group – play which is always beneficial for social interactions.

5 cool games for kids

Indoor Games

Indoor games usually refer to games played around the house with little to no tools or instruments. These games are especially popular among kids since they don’t always have easy access to items that are required for them to play. Games in this category include charades, I Spy, hide and seek, hot potato, and many more.



Another method for having some fun as well as keeping one’s brain a little sharper is the riddling of riddles. Riddles have been around in human society for many years, and they have become more and more complex throughout the years. Look for some clever riddles online and start perplexing your kids with some mind twisters!



While keeping your kids from being bored is not always such an easy task, it’s by no means impossible. In an age where most forms of entertainment have become digitalized, it may seem like a hard job. But using the games proposed here, you might find it just a tad bit easier than you thought.

5 cool games for kids

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